Food Inventory Checklist

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Food Inventory Checklist – It never ceases to amaze me that our kitchens take up only a small portion of our homes and yet they require the most management. Being the heart of a home is hard work and these places are definitely hardworking. Today we’re tackling pantry and freezer organization with some inventory checklists, and I thought I’d give my printable shopping list a little update as well. It only made sense to combine them with the inventory files.

Before we get to printers, I wanted to take a moment to talk about choosing a printer and a system that works for you. An inventory checklist is a good example of this. When I first made them, I was convinced that keeping track of what I had on hand would help my kitchen become more organized. It just didn’t work out for me. After several frustrating months trying to get this system to work for me, I finally gave up. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t feel like you have to use all the printers just because I’m sharing. Choose and try what you need and don’t worry about the rest.

Food Inventory Checklist

Food Inventory Checklist

First we have printed pants inventory. The goals of this printable are to help you keep track of what’s in your pantry and see at a glance what you’re cutting back on. I know many people who use such systems and love them. Others find them too weak. And others, like me, only use it for certain things.

Food Inventory Template

The middle section is for tracking when they arrive and when you use them. When you add an item to your pants, draw a slash (/) in the box to indicate how much. When you use an element, draw another line () inside the box to create an ‘x’.

The right hand column is for adding the date you purchased the item. This can be useful for things like flour and other solids that can spoil over time,

I use an inventory checklist to keep track of long-term items like my dough. We bake a lot of bread at home so we buy big bags of flour and sugar. Knowing how long it’s been sitting in the pantry has helped us make sure to use it up before it has a chance to go stale.

I also use it when we bulk buy items that don’t fit. I like to set the date and add the store name and price next to the item name so I want to keep my eyes peeled for when it goes on sale again. Or I can make sure we don’t add up too soon.

Restaurant Equipment List

Freezer inventory, for freezing only, is like a pantry. I use this more than my pantry, especially since we started buying our meat in packs from the butcher. I love seeing the history of what we put in the freezer. That way we have less freezer burn stuff.

The more I think about it, depending on your needs, you could probably use multiple frozen storage files to keep track of different things. But only do it if it’s something that works for you. You may not need to use these checklists. It’s just a tool you can use if you think they’ll help you.

I thought it would be good to associate it with an inventory checklist. They kind of go together. As you can see, shopping lists are really simple.

Food Inventory Checklist

I printed some above full size, cut them in half down the middle and stuck them to my fridge using magnetic clips. That way we can quickly write things down when we’re done and my shopping list writes itself.

Kitchen Inventory Template Download Printable Pdf

I also made a half scale version. I know there are a lot of people who like to keep these in their planners so they are handy too. You can do the same thing I did above, just make a smaller version if you want. How you use it is entirely up to you.

We’re about halfway through the kitchen section, and then we’ll move on to the rest of the sections and then the planner prints. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think of these prints. Are inventory checklists your thing? Or is there a different system you are using? Do you have a home management publication you would like to see? Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know.

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Home Food Inventory

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Food Inventory Checklist

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Developing An Inventory Management System For Your Restaurant

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Freezer Inventory: How To Keep Track Of What You’ve Got

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Food Inventory Checklist

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Inventory Checklist 10 Pk Pantry Organization Food Inventory

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Food Inventory Template For The Apocalypse 🙃

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