Home Contents Insurance Checklist Inventory

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Home Contents Insurance Checklist Inventory – If a fire destroyed your home, would you be able to remember the estimated value and age of all your possessions for insurance purposes? Yes, me too! Since September is National Preparedness Month, I started a list of my personal belongings. It is important because it provides an accurate record of a homeowner’s property, helps process insurance claims faster, and helps purchase the right amount of insurance. The list is essential for documenting losses caused by fire, but also by other causes such as floods, burglaries and vandalism.

Below I will review three recommended methods of listing one’s assets. While there may be other options, it’s important to choose one and be prepared during National Preparedness Month!

Home Contents Insurance Checklist Inventory

Home Contents Insurance Checklist Inventory

A Nevada Division of Insurance representative recommended using a free smartphone app or PDF inventory created by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Additionally, the Living With Fire Program (LWF) has a more detailed inventory.

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You can always install the app on your smartphone by searching for Scr.APP.book (see above). The app’s interface is simple and makes it easy to upload photos. Once the app is installed, click on the “ADD ITEM” icon and complete the screen (see above). You can take multiple photos of an item by clicking the camera button at the top, taking a photo, and then clicking “OK.” You can save the data entered in the form by clicking the Save button. To see the items already entered in the form, click on the list of items and edit the information if necessary. A separate form must be filled out for each item in the home. This information can then be exported from the application and sent by email or saved to a computer or flash drive. In addition, there are tips and resources in the app for contacting the NAIC and getting more information about insurance and advice.

The PDF census sheet is also easy to use, but, unlike the app, users must first print out the form, manually enter information and attach separate photos to the census sheet (see above). Information about each item such as item ID, price, date of purchase and brand name must be entered on the form for each room separately. The completed form along with the photos can then be saved as a hard copy. Users must remember to keep inventory and photos separate from the home. This ensures that in the event of a disaster, the census sheet is not destroyed along with the house. Here is a direct link to print the inventory checklist:

Unlike the NAIC form, subject information can be entered and edited directly on the computer and can be saved to a drive, flash drive, etc. (see above). This inventory sheet requires more information than the NAIC options BUT also provides users with a more detailed inventory. An inventory sheet suggests considering items I might not otherwise have, including silverware, clothing, tools and recreational equipment. The LWF program listing also explains how to calculate the current cash value of items and recommends including this as part of the record. While it is not necessary to calculate the current cash value of each item, it helps to estimate the value of the item for insurance reimbursement purposes. As with the NAIC PDF inventory, item images must be captured and attached or saved to PDF. To download this method click here: http://www..info/how-we-can-help and scroll down to the “Home List Program” tab.

Of the three options, I find the smartphone app to be by far the easiest to use because my smartphone camera is linked to the app. The app stores photos and inventory information in one place. If I were to fill out the other two inventory sheets, I would have to photograph, print or digitally store each item and attach it to the completed form. However, I recommend checking out the Living With Fire inventory because it made me think about adding other items that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. All in all, this process is time-consuming as it took me a total of two hours to document only six items in the application. It is recommended to inventory one’s possessions for a few hours every weekend to prevent burning of documents. I have started my inventory process with the larger items purchased recently, however after reviewing the LWF inventory, I will need to include a more detailed inventory such as my silverware and clothing. I’ve started keeping copies of my receipts for items purchased, which makes it easier to look up brand, item name, price, etc. Remember, it’s better to have an incomplete list than none at all. Once the list is complete, store it in a safe, save a digital copy, or share a copy with a trusted friend or family member. Make sure the inventory is not destroyed if your house is a total loss.

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Jamie Roice-Gomes is the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension’s Living with Fire program outreach coordinator. He earned a bachelor of science degree in ecology and wildlife protection and a master’s degree in interactive environmental journalism. She was a public relations assistant for Conrad Communications, an intern public information officer for the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and a biological sciences technician for the USDA Agricultural Research Service. She also enjoys volleyball, the Great Basin Desert and spending time with her family. Contact Jamie at 775-336-0261 or [email protected]. Property Inventory Checklist The threat of property loss due to fire, theft or other causes is always present. An accurate inventory and proof of ownership at the time of loss can help settle claims

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Home Contents Insurance Checklist Inventory

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Home Contents Insurance Checklist Inventory

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