How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

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If you run a business, you understand the importance of invoicing. Without an invoice, you won’t get paid. Smaller firms often do not have dedicated software that allows you to do all your accounting, including the creation of invoices, so they often turn to manual invoicing.

How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

The problem with manual invoicing is that it’s very easy to make very simple math mistakes that can not only result in you getting paid less, but can also result in you losing some reputation and goodwill.

Free Blank Invoice Templates (30)

So creating an invoice in Excel not only ensures that the invoice is accurate, but also ensures that your company looks professional. While it may not pay you back quickly, at least you know that when you do get paid, you’ll pay the right amount.

There are a number of ways to create an invoice on Microsoft Excel; The easiest way is to use a predefined invoice template and simply modify it according to your needs. You will need relevant information about the transaction such as the buyer, date, sales information and any necessary tax information, but once you have set up an invoice, you can edit it and so on. You can reuse it.

This article will show you how to set up a template in Microsoft Excel to create a standard invoice for your company.

Select the category for the type of template you want to use – in this case select Invoice.

How To Create An Invoice In Excel

Microsoft Excel has hundreds of templates that you can customize to suit your needs. Using them is simple.

I chose an invoice template that will calculate the amount per item based on quantity and cost per item. Additionally, the template will calculate the total and add the tax.

Instead of entering all my details every time I want to send an invoice, I will customize the template and save it as a personal template invoice that I can use at any time. The technique is very simple and does not require any advanced technology. The hard work is already done for you. The instructions below assume that you have loaded the same pattern that I have, however, the method will generally be the same for all patterns.

How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

Now you can save it as a personal template invoice. At this stage, billing details, shipping information, etc.

Sales Invoice Template

Drafted final invoice with sales information, customer information, etc. Now you can send it to your customer and get paid.

Now that you’ve created your personal template invoice, you’re ready to create your first invoice. Again, it’s very simple and requires you to edit a few cells on the worksheet template you created earlier. To create an invoice, change the template as follows:

Creating an invoice using Microsoft Excel is very easy and can save you a lot of work and perhaps more importantly ensure that the invoice is correctly calculated and looks professional. Some of the more advanced invoice templates in Excel allow you to add your company logo and perform more complex calculations.

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How To Create Proforma Invoice In Excel (download Free Template)

I’ve always used Access for invoicing, but I find it much easier to get into Excel. Now, you might be wondering: isn’t Excel best used for complex spreadsheets and graphs? Yes, but this is only one of the many features of the program.

Excel also comes with a gallery of customizable invoice templates that you can use to create different types of invoices for your small business accounting. The software allows you to create your own invoice from scratch if the templates are not to your liking.

In this guide, we will show you how to create an invoice in Excel, from a template and from a blank sheet.

How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

Templates usually come with pre-made instructions to guide you on what each section of the document should include. In addition, the design can be easily customized with your brand’s colors, logo and favorite font.

Create An Invoice In Quickbooks Desktop Pro Instructions

In the gallery, use the search bar at the top right of the page to type the word “invoice”. A list of invoice templates should appear. Check out their preview, and scroll down the list until you find the right template for your business.

Before you start editing and configuring the template, make sure it meets your needs and includes all the appropriate invoice elements.

To learn more about all the information you need to include in your invoice, check out our guide on how to create an invoice.

Once you’ve double-checked all the sections, and added any missing parts, it’s time to start customizing the template.

Bulk Invoicing Made Simple Using Excel Uploads Or Apis

As you can see in the image below, the invoice template already has instructions on what information to include in each section.

Fill out the entire invoice with the relevant details for the purchase you are invoicing and you are done! You have created an invoice from an excel template.

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to name the invoice and select the type of format to save it to.

How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

We recommend saving the invoice in PDF to avoid any document compatibility issues and to ensure that the customer receives an editable and clear invoice.

How To Create A Simple Invoice Using Excel > Howhack

There are three main ways to send an invoice: physically by fax or in person, by email or by invoicing software.

To learn the best way to send an invoice that saves your business time and money, read our guide on how to send an invoice.

If you want to go the extra mile and create your own invoice template manually in Excel, follow this step by step:

After creating an invoice, you can keep the format as it is, or remove the grid lines at the end.

How To Create Professional Excel Invoice Templates

Enter all these details on the sheet along with the color, font and font of your choice, as in the example below.

To the right of the header, draw three lines detailing the invoice date, payment date and unique invoice.

Customer contact details include customer name, street address, city and telephone number. Send this section with the words “Invoice to” or simply “To”, and then fill in all the details.

How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

The easiest way to create this list is to add it to a table with a column and a row for each element.

Best Readymade Invoice Templates To Use Instantly [word, Notion]

After selecting the design, fill in the table with the appropriate details of the sale. Now your invoice should look like this:

Now, remember that these elements are standard components of a regular sales invoice. Additional details may need to be included in the invoice depending on the industry, clientele and type of products you sell.

If you want to simplify math calculations, you can insert a SUM function into your worksheet that automatically adds your totals.

For example, let’s say you want to find the totals shown in the image below.

Create An Invoice In Quickbooks Online

All you have to do is submit the SUM formula to the formula builder, which is located right next to the fx symbol at the top of the page.

In our case, we want to find the sum of our line totals placed between cells H20 to H23. So, the SUM formula would be: =SUM(H20:H23)

Here is a selection of some free and downloadable invoice templates in Excel that you can use to create invoices for your small business accounting:

How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

If your small business bills for services by the hour or any other time, this professional and clear service invoice template has everything you need. The document provides a listed table of services with a column for the hours, rate and amount you charge.

Learn How To Create Your Own Invoices In Excel Today

It also comes with a built-in SUM function that automatically calculates your subtotal, sales tax, and final total.

This two-page clean invoice template is suitable for businesses that provide products to their customers rather than services. The special thing about this template is that it comes with a separate second sheet that displays business contact information along with some other additional notes.

Want to stand out to your customers with a modern, yet professional template? Then this Microsoft Sales Invoice is the right choice for you.

Invoice information is displayed elegantly with big bold borders and colorful lines that you can customize to match your brand’s colors. The template still looks professional as all the sections are well organized and clearly visible.

Creating Invoices On Excel

Similar to time-based invoicing, this Excel invoice template is designed for businesses that provide hourly services, such as consulting.

The template design is bright, with large, colorful headers that you can customize to your liking. This includes both hourly rates and costs, the cost of parts and other equipment.

Does your small business ship products internationally? If so, you will need to issue a commercial invoice that includes additional shipping costs, commercial incoterms, type of packaging, product weight, country of origin and more.

How To Create An Invoice Using Excel

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Multiple Page Excel Invoice Templates

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