Maintenance Excel Sheet

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Maintenance Excel Sheet – Record, track and manage your equipment maintenance with Excel templates and Google Sheets Equipment Maintenance Management Templates. Built with dynamic dashboards to display your most important metrics.

Each template comes with how-to videos along with instructions on how to use it.

Maintenance Excel Sheet

Maintenance Excel Sheet

One of the most memorable commercials of the early millennium, a cartoon Fox revolved around unsuspecting shoppers at a used car dealership. When the time comes, the fox will say, “Show me the CarFax,” much to the car salesman’s dismay. Carfax revolutionized car buying because it provided vital information about a car’s ownership, maintenance and accident history.

Maintenance Log Setup Checklist

Not created by Spreadsheet Fox, the Equipment Maintenance Excel Template is designed to record the maintenance history of your equipment, whether it’s fitness, electrical, restaurant, fire, construction, or medical equipment. It is fully customizable for your equipment, condition, maintenance type and responsible person. This chart is ideal as your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

Start on the Database page, where you’ll adapt the template to your organization’s standards and devices (shown in the table in placeholder brackets). Record type of maintenance (preventive, corrective, predictive), list of equipment/codes, responsible person, status of maintenance (completely completed, partially completed and failed) and years.

Go to the Annual PM Board tab and select the current year. Select your weekends and they will automatically be reflected in the calendar in a different color.

In the left area, select your devices using the drop-down list. Write a description for each required maintenance. Then, select the person responsible for each maintenance and the frequency.

Machine Maintenance Schedule Template

Go to the final sheet, Equipment Maintenance Record Sheet. Begin by recording the date, equipment name, type of maintenance, description of maintenance, responsible person, maintenance cost, actual repair time in days, target repair time in days, and maintenance status.

Since we’ve populated our database with many options, many of these fields have drop-down menus to speed up the data entry process.

From your data, repair time efficiency and maintenance efficiency with automatic and graphical calculations. If possible, you can also add free notes to each entry.

Maintenance Excel Sheet

After each addition, change or subtraction from the table, click the Update button. A dashboard containing your device management KPIs will be updated accordingly.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist [free & Ready To Use Template]

The dashboard on the left shows total equipment, total maintenance, total cost, MTTR per day and maintenance efficiency. Calculation of maintenance performed in graphs and tables, total maintenance cost, maintenance by type, maintenance cost per type by type and maintenance efficiency and repair time efficiency.

Slicers let you collapse your data and segments by month, quarter, responsible person, device name, and storage type.

Think of this template like your Carfax, only for all the tools you need to keep a history.

If that’s not reason enough to get this template, did you know that this template is compatible with Google Sheets? Collaborate with your colleagues in real-time while using this template and enjoy Sheets’ automatic cloud saving feature!

Server Maintenance Checklist

“The fact that I can use the templates at a Fortune 500 company is because of how well designed they are. I get all the credit without doing all the work.” According to statistics from the Institute of Real Estate Management, annual maintenance costs exceed administrative costs and nearly equal operating costs, so Well-implemented asset management requires detailed maintenance.

A proper maintenance report is essential for every maintenance inspector and building owner because it provides a summary of the maintenance needs identified by the inspection and a way to track all work on the property.

This checklist will help you create a report spreadsheet that shows exactly what to include and how to track it during testing and maintenance.

Maintenance Excel Sheet

The first step in creating your maintenance log is to outline the basic framework of your spreadsheet. What are the labels that organize all the important information?

A Preventive Maintenance Checklist

It’s up to you how complicated you want your recording to be, but try to keep it as simple as possible. The report will be referred to by various members of the maintenance team during its use and should be organized in such a way as to avoid room for confusion.

The following column headings should be located at the top of your report table, under the Asset Details section:

For recurring tasks, if you want your records to last longer than one maintenance job cycle, you can add additional date columns and label them Date 1, Date 2, Date 3, and so on.

With the information gathered in the previous two tasks, you can begin to create a simple report table that should look like the following example:

Car Service Schedule

As you perform the next few tasks, consider how you might want to customize the template to better meet your needs.

Once you have the basic framework in place and feel happy with the report template, you can start gathering all the data that will populate the spreadsheet.

Check out our Residential Building Maintenance Checklist to review important maintenance areas you should consider.

Maintenance Excel Sheet

After a thorough inspection of the building, gather all the feedback and start inventorying it

Printable Work Order Templates (excel, Word, Pdf)

Each of your items should fall into one of the categories listed in the previous task. Thus, in the magazine, everything is done well and nothing is overlooked.

Make sure you don’t leave anything out. Even things that seem minor or urgent should be noted as they can be prioritized later.

For a report to be a useful resource, it must be a centralized source of information that provides an overview of all maintenance activities.

While things like changing light bulbs, reupholstering furniture, and cleaning roofs certainly won’t take long, fixing drainage problems that affect many homes or fixing electrical problems with HVAC systems will take longer.

Equipment Maintenance Report For A Manufacturing Plant

Below is a very basic report with a bunch of maintenance activities to give you an idea of ​​how to populate the various fields.

Once you are satisfied with the initial setup of the report, share the document with the appropriate team members.

Control how reports are used and how often they are updated, by establishing open communication channels with your maintenance team and defining responsibilities.

Maintenance Excel Sheet

In addition to tracking maintenance work through your logs, it may be a good idea to integrate a modern, cloud-based solution. Track all important vehicle information and maintenance tasks as well as calculate key metrics such as total cost per mile.

Property Management Maintenance Excel And Google Sheets Template

Effective fleet maintenance management can be complex – even for small fleets. We’ve seen thousands of spreadsheets related to fleet management over the years as many of our customers switch from paper to software, so we’ve created a fleet maintenance spreadsheet template that’s the best. If you are not ready to use fleet management software. Record and track information such as:

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Yes, they help you manage important information, but updating the tables requires manual entry. Allows you to import your spreadsheets and automate your maintenance process to instantly generate service histories and reminders for each vehicle in your fleet.

I find this program saves me about 1.5 hours a night when I sit down to collect all my files. Using it as intended will be of great benefit!

Auto Repair Work Order Template

Is a user; I’m not the most tech savvy person, but the tutorials provided were enough for me to feel comfortable using the software.

It was important to introduce a tool that brings all the data into one centralized location to help us make smart decisions and guide our business.

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