Preventative Maintenance Schedule Template Download

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Owning a property is one thing. Maintaining its functionality is another thing. It will come in handy if you create a maintenance schedule to make sure your car, machine, computer, etc. is in top condition. It is a list of tasks that the group or individual has to do to keep things running. Moreover, the maintenance schedule not only covers repair or replacement of things; It can also be used to maintain the general condition of the home, kitchen, building or lawn. In this short article, we have outlined a step-by-step guide to help you create a well-planned maintenance schedule.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule Template Download

Preventative Maintenance Schedule Template Download

The first thing you should do before creating a maintenance schedule is to list the assets you currently have. Make a record of kitchen gadgets, trucks, appliances, or whatever you own and want to use more productively. You need to know what equipment and devices you or your company owns so that you have a clear picture of what you need to check regularly. For a home maintenance schedule, write down every corner of your home that needs cleaning. You can create a separate inventory document for a more organized list.

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After coming up with a list of areas, devices, or equipment, start creating a sample checklist for tasks that will be performed as part of a maintenance project. For effective property management, you must ensure that all aspects are covered. Don’t underestimate the power of small tasks. Once you fail to recognize a minor problem, it can build up in the long run, and the damage may be irreparable. Also, be sure to perform preventative maintenance on your tools and equipment to reduce the chance of failure.

For the checklist to fully serve its purpose, set a deadline for each task you’ve written down earlier. Look at the calendar and check the specific days that you and your group have to do. Decide when tasks start and end, and decide what tasks you should prioritize. You should also note the frequency of each task – will it be a daily, weekly or monthly task? When creating the table, we suggest you use Google Sheets for a structured table format.

It is important that you assign people to do a specific task to increase productivity. It will help a lot if your team knows what to do if the need arises (eg modifications, repairs, replacement.). Consulting a maintenance technician for repairs will also be helpful on your part. Ensure that your maintenance schedule provides an adequate operating budget, as there may be things that need to be replaced or repaired.

Once you implement the schedule you created, monitor the progress and check for any important changes. If your schedule isn’t effective in maintaining the overall condition or location of the equipment, it may be time to make the necessary improvements. So you decided to implement a Preventive Maintenance (PM) program for your small business. best wishes! You’re on your way to some serious returns, like an unprecedented 545% return on investment.

Free Electrical Preventive Maintenance Schedule Template

As a maintenance method designed to keep equipment in working order, preventative maintenance can be a huge responsibility. But it’s worth the effort, especially if you’re looking to switch from reactive maintenance, where tasks are performed after equipment fails. A preventive maintenance schedule, also known as a proactive maintenance or preventive maintenance schedule, will be an invaluable tool for this transition. It will help you stay organized and keep track of maintenance tasks for your most important assets.

This guide will walk you through the five steps you need to create a preventative maintenance schedule that’s easy to follow and tailored to your business needs. And as a bonus, we’ve included a downloadable form to get you started right away.

It’s a good idea to start building a preventative maintenance schedule for one or two assets, and then use the results to inform others of your strategy. why? Because acquiring a lot at first can be confusing, especially if your business holds hundreds or thousands of assets. Creating a PM schedule for one or two assets to begin with is not only intimidating, but it will help you see what works and what can be improved while creating preventative maintenance schedules for other assets.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule Template Download

How do you choose the asset to start with? FMX suggests ranking the assets on the basis of importance. The important asset is the one that can be most disruptive if it fails, and it should be given priority when you come up with a preventative maintenance strategy.

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Once you have one or two important assets in mind, you will need to gather information to determine their maintenance needs.

Now that you know the assets for which you want to create a preventive maintenance schedule, you will need to gather information about these assets. An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manual is a good place to start: It contains detailed information about equipment parts, test frequencies, and serial numbers so you can easily rearrange parts when needed.

Another important consideration when collecting information about your assets is whether their maintenance needs are time- or usage-based. The time-based PM schedule includes scheduling maintenance tasks based on when they last occurred. The figure below shows what a time-based preventive maintenance workflow might look like.

Usage-based preventive maintenance, which can also be described as predictive maintenance, involves scheduling maintenance tasks based on real-time usage data from equipment sensors. Usage can be measured in hours, kilometers, flow or temperature to name a few. The figure below shows what a usage-based preventive maintenance workflow might look like.

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If you’re not sure if an asset is best served by a time- or usage-based PM schedule, start with time. Then, if you do more maintenance, go to the rules of use. The preventative maintenance program comes in handy with any schedule, where you can set reminders to let your team know once an asset reaches a certain period or is in use between maintenance tasks.

When you identify the most critical asset maintenance needs, as well as whether their PM schedules should be time-based or usage-based, you can plan long-term and short-term tasks for each asset.

Long-term preventive maintenance tasks include routine maintenance that must be performed periodically rather than every day. Here are some examples of what a long-term PM job might look like, although these will vary according to the needs of each asset:

Preventative Maintenance Schedule Template Download

The image below shows examples of long-term maintenance tasks in our preventive maintenance schedule template, which you can download and use for your own assets:

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Once you have an idea of ​​what maintenance tasks you want to schedule over the next few months, you can turn your attention to more short-term tasks.

Short-term preventive maintenance tasks that your team will perform frequently, such as every day or every week. If so, they will have more serious consequences

For example, a significant change in temperature or air pressure must be addressed immediately, and an oil or air filter change can be awaited unless there is an indication of a serious problem. Likewise, if the cleaning of equipment parts is delayed, it becomes a larger task, in contrast to the inspection which involves the same task regardless of when it is performed.

Once you have planned long-term and short-term maintenance of your most important assets, it is important to train your maintenance team on their tasks. Ensure that each team member knows what they are responsible for and how to properly perform each preventive maintenance task.

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In addition to notifying your team when maintenance is needed, the Preventive Maintenance Program can help you schedule and assign preventive maintenance tasks, monitor asset performance, and send a work order to repair equipment if any reactive maintenance is needed. It can also give you a portable, easy-to-access version of a preventive maintenance checklist for each asset.

Besides training your team on their maintenance tasks, make sure they know how to use whatever software platform you choose to improve your maintenance program.

Once you have scheduled preventive maintenance for one or two of your most important assets, you can start tracking the results of your preventive maintenance program based on your business and its operations. If your program is successful, you can start expanding the plans to other assets. If parts of your software need to be modified, such as maintenance frequency or type, you can make the changes and re-evaluate.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule Template Download

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