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Project Wbs Template Excel – The structure of the work schedule is a fundamental part of project management. It is a kind of graph that shows the breakdown of project results. The purpose of the work breakdown structure is to help structure the team’s work into different sections. You can call it a hierarchical decomposition of project results.

Creating a work breakdown structure is easy in Excel. In this article, you will learn how to create a work breakdown structure in Excel and the online editor.

Project Wbs Template Excel

Project Wbs Template Excel

Open Microsoft Excel on your computer. One way to create a basic level of work breakdown structure in Excel is to use SmartArt Graphics. Follow the procedure below to create a work breakdown structure using SmartArt Graphics.

What Is A Work Breakdown Structure (wbs) In Project Management?

Click the Insert tab and go to the Illustrations section. Then select SmartArt Graphics. A dialog box will open with different categories of SmartArt graphics and you can choose the appropriate shape for the work breakdown structure in Excel.

Then go to the Hierarchy section and select a SmartArt graphic to create a work breakdown structure in Excel. After selecting the SmartArt image, click OK.

The SmartArt graphic is updated on the Excel sheet. You can see the updated Hierarchy SmartArt image in the Excel sheet below.

Enter the name of the first task in the top box of the Excel WBS SmartArt graphic. An editor appears next to the SmartArt graphic and you can specify the content to be displayed in WBS Excel. Then go to the fields below and enter a description of the subtask in the editor window.

Free Work Breakdown Structure Template For Excel

You can manipulate the boxes in the editor window and add new boxes to define more tasks in your work sharing structure. You can also assign different colors to each box. Check the box and then click the Change Color button.

First you need to login to your account. If you haven’t used it yet, you can sign up for a free account using your email address. Then you can use Edraw Max Online for free.

You can see the menu in the screenshot below. In the Project Management menu, click the big + sign to create a work breakdown structure.

Project Wbs Template Excel

After clicking the Create button, a new editor window will open. In the editor window, you must insert symbols from the project management symbols to create the work breakdown structure.

Construction Project Wbs

To insert symbols, go to the Symbol Library and click the Project Management tab. A drop-down menu will open. In the drop-down menu, highlight the WBS shapes and click OK.

After clicking OK, the WBS shapes are imported into the editor window. You can drag and drop symbols into the editor window.

Then you can enter the content into the shapes and use more shapes and connectors and you can complete the work breakdown structure.

After creating a work breakdown structure in the online editor, you can save it in various formats. If you want to save your work breakdown structure in Excel format, it’s a simple two-step process. Follow the steps below to save the work breakdown structure in Excel format.

Project Management Template In Google Sheets

Click File in the upper left corner, then select Export from the drop-down menu. Select Export to Excel (.xlsx) from the Export menu and the work breakdown tree will be saved as an Excel file on your computer. You can also export Edraw files to Dropbox and Google Drive. Download or open the WBS template for Excel, the best way to manage your projects online.

Projects can overwhelm us with their size and scope. This is why project managers use a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to literally break down larger phases of a project into smaller and smaller tasks that can then be planned and assigned. With our free work breakdown structure template for Excel, you can easily break down your tasks and deliverables.

However, if you want to create an even better work breakdown structure than Excel can provide, open the free WBS template. It allows you to create a dynamic work sharing structure that can be managed online using an interactive Gantt chart or spreadsheet. Assign WBS codes, create dependencies, find critical path, attach files and more. Get started for free and create a better WBS.

Project Wbs Template Excel

A work breakdown structure template is a way to visualize your deliverables and the tasks and subtasks required to complete them. This is an important element of getting results into smaller tasks to make the work manageable.

How To Create A Work Breakdown Structure

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK 5), a work breakdown structure template is “a hierarchical breakdown of the total scope of work that must be performed by the project team to achieve the project’s objectives and produce the desired results.”

A WBS is an essential tool for a product, data, service, or combination of these projects. Not only does it break down deliverables into smaller, more manageable tasks, but it also provides a place to start detailed costing and control, including planning.

This free Excel work distribution template is a hierarchical and incremental project breakdown. For each phase of the project there is a list of tasks, which is then broken down into sub-tasks. These tasks and subtasks are then organized into a tree structure, similar to a flowchart.

You start at the end of the project and work backwards, breaking each step down into smaller steps in terms of size, duration and responsibility. All these steps will lead you to the last point where you started on schedule and budget.

Gantt Chart Template For Excel

A WBS template is a framework for planning and managing a project and is the basis from which to create an overview of work. It also helps to report planning, costs and resources. All these and other project management documents are based on the work breakdown structure.

The WBS is the bridge that leads to planning your project. Project management software takes this data and uses it to create a viable project plan. Use our Gantt chart to add planned resources, costs, efforts and more. By setting a baseline, you can compare planned and actual data to get an overview. Making changes to your schedule is as simple as dragging and dropping on the timeline, allowing you to quickly adjust your project and respond to issues that might throw you off track. There’s even a column for your WBS code! Try it for yourself with a 30-day free trial.

Because the WBS template is used to identify and organize the total number of tasks in a project, it is used at the beginning of the planning phase. You already have a goal, the question the WBS answers is how to get there.

Project Wbs Template Excel

Project planning requires precision. There are always unknown risks, but the project plan must bring together everyone who knows about the project so that time and associated costs can be well estimated. A WBS uses a hierarchical structure to break project deliverables or goals into manageable parts.

Work Breakdown Structure (wbs) Checklist

The technique is a thorough examination of each step required to achieve the final result. You can’t plan a project and there is certainly no schedule until you know all the work that needs to be done. This leads to assigning ownership to each step, understanding the full scope of the project, resource allocation and much more.

The work breakdown structure is an invaluable tool for project plan approval. As mentioned, it lays the foundation for your plan and schedule. While you can refer to this work sharing structure template throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that all of your deliverables are accounted for, it is primarily a planning technique.

This WBS template should be used by project managers when planning a project schedule. But since the WBS must include every step that leads to the end result of the project, it is important to involve all project participants.

While the project manager leads the process, it is the team members who execute the project. They have the skills and experience to fill any gaps that the project manager may have neglected. The team is also assigned ownership of tasks, so it’s important to get them involved so they know who can do what.

Gantt Charts & Work Breakdown Structures I Smartsheet

The project manager will seek professional guidance to help him create the most thorough structure of the work breakdown. Therefore, looking at historical data for similar projects, talking to project managers and teams who have worked on similar projects, reading literature, requirements, etc. will ensure that the WBS is 100% complete.

As mentioned above, the WBS template must be used during planning, but remains within reach during project execution. While a WBS is not a project plan or schedule, it can prevent deliverables from falling apart. If you change anything during the run, you will need to rerun the WBS because it will change it

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