Throwing A Baby Shower Checklist

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On birthdays, graduations, promotions and similar occasions, we take the time and effort to celebrate even in small ways to show our appreciation for the blessings we receive. It is also a way to share the blessings with our family, friends and other people we love.

Throwing A Baby Shower Checklist

Throwing A Baby Shower Checklist

The birth of a newborn baby is a blessing and expectant parents celebrate the arrival of their baby and call it a “baby shower”. The purpose of a baby shower is to “shower” a mom-to-be with gifts her baby will soon use, as well as parenting and child-rearing advice from “expert” moms.

Printable Baby Shower Planner

Before the church usually hosted baby showers, but times have changed because anyone can host a baby shower, including the mother, although her loved ones are encouraged to help her so she can feel supported in criticism. weeks of her pregnancy.

However, if it is family, especially the parents of the baby, who will be hosting the party, they will seem to be asking for gifts. That’s why friends of parents-to-be throw baby showers. This is where checklist templates come in because not all friends are seasoned event planners.

But despite these perceptions, there are some parents who want to join hands and get involved in the planning and preparation phase, because after all, it is their baby who made the celebration possible.

There are camping checklists for adventure seekers, wedding checklists for wedding celebrations and bridal checklists, as well as checklists for students, a checklist for new employees and a marketing checklist for small businesses. If there are checklists for these events and activities, why not one for baby showers? After all, even if it does not stop the majority, it is still a celebration and checklists can be very useful, especially in the planning and preparation stages.

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Planning and preparing for any event can be stressful and overwhelming. More stress is not allowing yourself to be stressed. Take, for example, expectant parents; They want their new baby to be awesome, so they throw a baby shower. It can be fun at first in this period, but when the real planning and preparation begins, it can sometimes be stressful and hectic, and we all know that mothers should not be stressed or the baby will be. caused harm.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make baby showers less stressful and keep them fun and enjoyable. One way to make a baby shower memorable is with checklists. This may seem out of line with the success of any event planning and creation of checklists, but checklists have a positive impact on all event planning. Baby shower checklist

All organized and organized events out there will never be successful without using a tool that makes every planning and preparation phase organized and organized. Although there are some people who find it unnecessary to make checklists for an event, it can’t hurt if you use a checklist to serve as your guide in planning and preparing for a baby shower.

Throwing A Baby Shower Checklist

A baby shower checklist can reduce the amount of pressure it can put on you. Planning any event is undeniably stressful. There are so many things to think about, it’s not just decorations and food; This includes people who are invited to the event. During the event preparation, everything is likely to be around the place and completely chaotic. However, by using a checklist with each baby shower preparation, everything will be much better. Everything will be organized in a step-by-step process that will give event planners and even would-be parents a visual cue of how things will turn out.

Baby Shower: Complete Guide To Planning A Baby Shower

1. Set an end date for the baby shower. Your guests will likely ask when the due date for your shower is, so even if you don’t have an exact date, put at least a week around when the baby shower date will likely fall.

2. Guest list and contact information. Your checklist should include a list of guests and their information such as contact numbers. Include a list of potential guests and their contact information. This way you can keep track of who actually attended the shower, not just who was invited using the checklist in the PDF list.

3. Decide and finalize the topic. The theme will be the basis of all decisions in the planning stage, so make sure that this is finalized before the food, place and the line of activities are discussed.

4. Decide and finalize the location. Some people like to plan it later, but it’s completely different when you plan ahead for the site. If you want to rent a conference room, you should remember that you are not the only person who is going to hold an event for a day, which is why you should order a reservation in advance. Even if you’re only planning it in the comfort of your home, you’ll need to work out how things are, what furniture you’ll leave out and what you’ll bring in.

Baby Shower Checklist: How To Throw An Unforgettable Celebration

5. Send invitations. It can be a traditional type of invitation printed and wrapped in an envelope. But now, it is digitized so that you can send it through any kind of social media messenger or email. Planning phase: 1-2 weeks before the baby shower

1. Food. What celebration has nothing to eat? The food to eat during the baby shower depends on what kind of party you will have. If it is a tea party, make sure that you have already booked an advanced order for cakes and various pastries from a local bakery or cafe, and contact the tea supplier or you can buy tea bags. At your local store. If it’s a pajama type party, prepare all the junk food, but since it’s unhealthy, you can go as simple as cookies and milk. There are also more sophisticated types of parties, such as dining in high-end restaurants, so make sure you have already gone to the restaurant where you plan to order the dishes. There are also some baby shower parties that come in the form of a picnic, so make sure you have already identified the juices you will drink for the party or identify the finger food you will serve. Guests during the party. Food will always depend on the theme and the type of party, as long as the attending guest is sure to eat it.

2. Decorations. Some may think that baby shower decorations can vary depending on the baby shower venue and the baby shower theme. A beautiful banner or garland will go a long way, but don’t forget to accessorize it with lots of balloons, paper poms or lanterns. Hang your main decorations where most of the action will take place (for example, where the presents will be opened) so that the pictures have a nice background. Get some table settings that match the colors and arrange some pretty flowers to add a special touch.

Throwing A Baby Shower Checklist

Games. No event is enjoyable without games, silly is best. Planning the games ahead of time instead of planning the day of the baby shower will give you time to prepare for the necessary play props.

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Performances. Although not required, guest appearances can spice up the event. There can be singing, dancing and all kinds of other performances. Performances by parents-to-be can be exciting and fun.

Talk time That’s when advice from “veteran” moms comes in. A highlight of the event is the mom-to-be, even some tips and tricks on parenting and child-rearing. Women who are mothers for a long time.

Gift giving despite the perception that it was a baby shower

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