Staff Leave Record Template

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Staff Leave Record Template – The free employee leave tracker template on this page allows you to track sick leave, vacation, personal leave, paid leave, and unpaid leave. You can report a full day or half day off for any employee and summarize the results both monthly and yearly. Templates can also be used to create departure schedules or shift schedules.

You can use this spreadsheet as a departure tracker and departure schedule. If you’re entering a planned vacation, you’ll want to know that the year-to-date worksheet counts everything you’ve entered in the 12 monthly worksheets (not just vacation days used up to the current date). In such a case, it might be more appropriate to call the worksheet “Year to Date” rather than “Year to Date”.

Staff Leave Record Template

Staff Leave Record Template

Note: 9/3/2021 Bug Fixed – There was an error in the formula for the vacation column (V) in the year-to-date worksheet affecting the vacation total for September. You can download the updated version, or you can edit the formula in cell C9 so that the September lookup looks like this: MATCH ($A9, September!$A$6:$A$38,0) and then copy that formula down . .

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I designed it so that you can edit the labels on the year worksheet, and those changes will carry over to the month worksheet. By “label” I mean the type of employee leave and the articles used for different types of leave.

This template allows you to track up to 6 different types of employee leave. If you need more tracks, it is possible to add more columns, but doing so requires familiarity with Excel and editing formulas.

Enter a list of employees in the YearToDate worksheet. Monthly worksheets use formulas to look up names based on employee IDs, so you won’t need to enter employee names separately on each worksheet.

The Employee ID column is used in search formulas, so it is important that you use a unique Employee ID.

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This model includes a range of up to 30 employees. You can add more rows by entering the top row, the bottom gray row, and then copying the formula down from the previous row. You should do this in all worksheets and make sure the employee ID is correct.

To make things easier for next year, keep a backup copy of the template at this point. You can use it as a starting point for your departure schedule for the coming year.

The main limitation of this model is that holidays are calculated based on days rather than hours. If you want to track holidays every hour, check out more holiday samples.

Staff Leave Record Template

The drop-down list in the monthly worksheet allows you to select articles related to different types of leave. If you want to track half days, you can change “V” to “HV” or “VH” to count half days. Look for the formula in the “Total” column to see how it works.

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Attendance Cards – Mobile (track attendance on your phone) Attendance records (class club meetings) Class attendance samples (full school year, August-June) Departure tracking Staff (vacation tracking, sick leave, etc.) Open house (real estate) Potluck Sign Up Sheet (Regular, Halloween, Thanksgiving) School Attendance (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Sign In Sheets (Meet Guests) Registration Sheets (Volunteer) Party Interviews) Time Sheets (Weekly Weekly) Keep a planner spreadsheet. Track your staff absences with a printable dashboard. No more empty tables. All in Excel!

Small or large organizations, leave and vacation management should be addressed with proper documentation and advance planning. So is it good to have a master file where you can record and track employee departures and performance?Analysis for senior managers? Go with our sample Excel Tracker Excel!

Leaving no room for error, this document will be a lifesaver for HR professionals and/or administrators! You can report different types of leave, determine eligibility for an employee and analyze the current absence balance as well as remaining leave.

Designed to register and then track employee absences, our Excel Leave Planner includes four main sections. these are:

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Additionally, group trackers, employee trackers, and absence calendars are three outputs of an employee exit tracker.

The Excel template dashboard contains both navigation buttons and processing options. So you can easily use the buttons to move around the different sections and sheets of the employee exit tracker. And here your input is fully used so the settings are the basic setting for the whole model.

The processing section includes input areas for leave, department and departure types. In addition, you can easily use the drop down option to select the year, working day and the relevant shipment.

Staff Leave Record Template

In general, the entry facility has 50 lines for holidays and departments. After completing your entry here you can select “Yes” to set the official working day. Also, days with “No” option are considered as non-working days.

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The Holidays table is the section where you enter holidays. Samples from the employee’s annual leave do not include holidays here. There is also a section for department drop-down menus. So, the user will enter “No” for the non-working day of the week.

The color space is for the user to enter the exit type. You can define up to seven different categories. If you wish to carry over unused entitlements to the next year, click the ‘Continue to next year?’ Click “Yes” on the setting. Finally, the initial year will be the first year of your 10-year vacation planning program.

After setting up the leave tracker settings, users will enter a list of employees and assign annual leave to each employee and each leave. Each year there is an independent list that users can access from the button above.

Write the staff name and select the department in “Staff List”. Alternatively, you can also enter a note for each employee. Please note that the list of departments you see here is what you defined in the previous settings section.

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Once you’ve identified your employees, you’ll fill out an “Annual Eligibility” form. In this section, the year, employee name and department column will be displayed automatically. All you have to do is set an annual allowance. Note that you can fill the table by copying and pasting as a value.

When you have completed your entry for a year (defined as ‘Start Year’ in the Settings section), use the Year button at the top of the Annual Entitlement section.

As an integral part of the Employee Leave Tracker, ‘Leave Registration’ is where you record your employee leave requests. You will enter each employee in this table so that the model can calculate and display the result section.

Staff Leave Record Template

After selecting the employee name and exit type from the pre-defined drop down options, the user will enter “First Date of Exit”. The blue area is dynamic. Users can change the date/month/year sequence with dynamic zeros. After that, you enter the number of vacation days and choose whether or not to reimburse them. If “Yes” is selected for compensation, this leave will not be deducted from the annual entitlement.

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Note: The ‘Next Business Day’ range is calculated automatically. Please do not enter data in this field manually.

Employee Leave Tracker and Leave Planner has three dynamic results: Team Tracker, Employee Tracker and Absence Calendar

4.1 Team Tracking: This is the first result sheet of employee leave planner which allows the manager to track all employee departures immediately. Select the year and month from the filter! For users interested in seeing two consecutive months, click on the ‘+’ sign in the upper right corner.

4.2 Employee Tracker: This section provides users with an employee-based analysis. Basically, you can track all absences in a year with a color-coded leave type. In addition, the employee card provides an idea of ​​the remaining days of the year. And the monthly absence analysis gives the total number of absent days per year. The user can use the “Exit Type” filter to narrow down his analysis.

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4.3 Absence Calendar: Here you can clearly see that people are absent for every day of a month. As a user, you can narrow down the analysis with year, month, department and exit type filters. So if you don’t want to see non-working days of the week, you can select “No”.

Absentees may be indicated by Name / Name – Type of Leave or Name – Department. Note that you can see up to 10 absentees per day and the following month with a plus sign (+) in the lower left.

Employee Leave Tracker is a ready-to-use and provided Excel template. If you want to customize your report or need more complex templates, check out our personal service.

Staff Leave Record Template

Watch the video below to see examples in action! The presentation also includes usage notes, explanations, and tips and tricks on the format. Annual leave schedule for full-time employees: 01 October 20/30 September 20 Annual leave: 25 days Full-time employees are also eligible.

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