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Debit Credit Excel Template – I made an Excel template for filling out the T report. For those of you who are not accountants, the T account is a method of tracking accounting transactions through the accounts in the general ledger. Hey, wake up! This post is not over yet!

I have modeled T reports at least three times in my Excel career. They never work. They have never made it easier than pencil on paper or markers on the board. However, that doesn’t seem to stop me from trying, and now I’m making my latest effort available to you. First, let’s look at this large image (click to embed).

Debit Credit Excel Template

Debit Credit Excel Template

The top left section (C2:F11) is where you write a short description for up to 10 transactions. Column C is the transaction number and cannot be edited. Column D is where you type a short description. Column E is an overflow for column D because I hate merged cells. Column F is the general ledger period. You can post them in the same GL period if it does not apply to your transactions. You do not need to use this section. I mean, you can skip the descriptions and periods, but good luck knowing what you were thinking.

Free Excel Bookkeeping Templates

In this example, the transactions listed in the order will be performed over time. These series of transactions represent a sale where we receive a fee from the seller and pass that savings on to the customer. First, we buy inventory from a vendor. Then we send it to our customer. At this point we must adjust our costs by charging a discount to the seller. We pay the seller, get paid by the customer and finally get our discount from the seller.

The main section of the workbook is a 3 × 3 grid of T accounts. This is where the magic happens. The top left cell of each T account is the financial statement classification number. This is a data validation drop-down list numbered 1-7.

The financial statement classification number is reflected under hidden column B (and H and N) for formula purposes.

To the right of the financial statement classification number is a (combined) cell where you type the account name. The report name is for your reference only and has no effect on the formulas in the model.

How To Track Your Expenses With An Excel Spreadsheet

The light green section on the left side of the T account is a data validation dropdown that allows you to select a transaction number. The main white area of ​​the T account, divided vertically, is where you record your debits and credits. Under the T account, the debits and credits are summarized and the net debit or credit is shown.

There are two more places on the right side of the grid against the T. The upper area shows the effects on key parts of your balance sheet and income statement. It extends to the right however many periods you have. The financial statement classification number at the top left of the T account identifies where your transaction ends in this area. And obviously, the period you identify in the Transactions section defines the column.

The lower area is a list of 10 transactions with the net debit or credit for each transaction. If one of them is not zero, you skip part of the transaction. Choose from the most widely used credit and debit note templates below, including credit memo examples and spreadsheet options. Each template is free to download, print, and designed to be quick and easy to use. Scroll down for a definition of a credit memo and a definition of debit and credit notes and invoices.

Debit Credit Excel Template

Formatted like an invoice, this Microsoft Excel template provides a detailed list of goods or service inputs. There is also space to write the credit memo, customer contact information, ID number and date. This is a basic credit card template that provides automatic calculations for ease of use and efficiency.

Expense Form Template

If you need a credit memo in letter format, this template provides sample text that you can modify to fit your specific situation. Download the template as a fillable Word or PDF file, add business details, transaction information and other necessary content, and then email or print the finished version. Include a customer tracking number or memo for easy reference.

This credit card is for merchandise that is being returned. The template offers a slightly different layout than a typical invoice and has plenty of space to enter your details. There are sections to add the relevant invoice number, reason for return, tax information, unit price including discount, and total price.

Designed for use with suppliers, this template can act as either a credit or debit note form. Choose the correct version so that recipients can clearly see what type of form they are receiving. Enter the details of the seller, information about the purchased item and price, and the reason for the note. The template also includes signature lines for approval.

Designed with efficiency in mind, this debit note template is similar to an invoice and can be used by both the sender and receiver. Enter the date of entry and an explanation of why it was sent, and add details of returned items, debts or invoice corrections that need accounting. The template also includes space for the business address, phone number and other important details.

Excel Accounting And Bookkeeping (template Included)

This invoice is a Google Sheets template so you can easily save it to your Google Drive account. Customize the template by adding a company logo and adjusting the color scheme. The invoice includes sections for billing and shipping information, item numbers, merchandise purchase descriptions, quantities and costs. The model calculates the total amount, including tax and shipping costs.

This basic spreadsheet template makes it easy to find past invoices and see payments made and balances owed. Businesses can use this sheet to track goods or services sold to customers. Likewise, buyers can also use it to track payments made to various suppliers. Customize the template to meet your business needs by adding or removing columns.

, informs the buyer that they are receiving a credit on their account for the returned goods, either to correct an incorrect charge or charge on a previous invoice, or for some other reason. The note works like a customer receiving store credit to return a retail purchase, which they can use to purchase other items in the store. However, credit scores are usually commercial documents used between businesses. For example, the seller would issue a credit note to the customer justifying the reason and amount of the credit. The buyer can then use this credit memo to update the books to reflect the reduction in the seller’s payment obligation and the reduction in costs. For returned merchandise, the buyer updates the Purchase Returns account and the Seller updates the Sales Returns account to reflect the decrease in revenue.

Debit Credit Excel Template

There are several reasons why a merchant may issue a credit card. If the buyer receives damaged or defective merchandise, a credit may be issued for a future purchase with documentation to return the merchandise. Other reasons why a buyer’s account may need to be credited are incomplete orders, accidentally sending an invoice to the buyer, or customer dissatisfaction with the item received. A credit score can also be used when a buyer is purchasing a service rather than a product if the service does not meet the customer’s expectations.

General Ledger Example

It is usually considered a written document in letter format used for business communication. Although a credit memo or note can be written as a paragraph, it is often formatted like an invoice. Regardless of the credit card layout, the following information is usually included:

A credit memo may also refer to the original invoice and has a separate serial number for record keeping. Like invoices and receipts, credit memos also contain details such as customer contact information and ID numbers.

, is used to document and update accounting records and indicates debt. The buyer can send a debit memo to the seller to request a credit memo for the goods to be returned. In business-to-business (B2B) transactions, goods are often purchased on credit, meaning that the buyer receives the product from the supplier before paying.

These transactions are recorded by adding and subtracting credits and debits until the invoice is sent for actual payment. If the buyer issues a debit note to return unpaid merchandise, the note will show the accounting adjustments at the buyer’s end, and the seller will issue a credit note that reflects the adjustments at their end. In this regard, debit and credit notes are part of the record keeping process for tracking shipments and payments.

Excel® Import: Slips

Sellers can also issue debit notes to claim additional fees if the buyer has mistakenly paid a previous invoice. They can also be used to remind the buyer of their debt obligations

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