Weight Lifting Tracking Sheet

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Weight Lifting Tracking Sheet – There are few things in life that I love. My husband. A taste of the line. And that’s when the endorphins work so well. Whether my legs are a little shaky or not, that feeling of accomplishment and endorphins always gets me.

But to take it to the next level, you need to monitor your frequency. You cannot reach any goal without knowing where you are going and where you are going now.

Weight Lifting Tracking Sheet

Weight Lifting Tracking Sheet

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Appsheet Tutorial: No Code Fitness App

While there are many reasons to exercise, losing weight is a big motivator for many. This is not surprising. Almost 40% of Americans are overweight. Over 70% overweight (including obese people).

It has tons of weight loss tips. How do you know which one to follow? As for what is scientifically proven.

Because exercise is such a personal thing, and everyone has their own preferences, I’ve created three different types of free printable exercise journals. I use the first one. Next to each one I’ll add details on how to use it.

Since each is a fairly detailed exercise log, it includes areas for strength training. If you’re looking for a general exercise tracker, check out our free printable monthly fitness trackers post.

The Workout Journal: 3 Simple Steps To Effectively Track Your Workouts Today

• Print options: Plain paper works well. If you plan to use it for a few weeks, you might want to try heavier card stock.

The default size is a full page. However, if you want it smaller, reduce the print size! If you’re not sure how much to cut, check out my Plan.

There are two ways to use this. As a printable weekly exercise journal or monthly exercise journal. I prefer monthly.

Weight Lifting Tracking Sheet

• For strength, think of each set as “1” and track the different reps and weights in each column. For example: Bisep curls – 10 sets per 10 liters. 1 set for £15. 1 set for £10. All this will be in one training session.

Organize Your Peloton Workout Calendar

• For strength, consider each column set (sets/reps/weight set) as a different exercise. For example, for dance curls: Week 1, I would do 3 sets with 10 pounds on the first bar. During the second week, on the second bar, I would do 10 sets with 15 pounds. In the same magazine, I have lines that correspond to the three days of my workout (legs and abs, biceps and back, triceps and chest).

• For cardio, think of each set of bars as a different training week. If you’re doing multiple exercises in a week, use rows to keep track.

This weekly workout routine is divided into three strength exercises: core, upper body, and lower body. There are three different set tracking sections for each workout.

Manages three different exercises. If you are someone who does cardio along with exercise, there is a place for cardio. (I’m looking at you, Jen, if you’re reading this!). There is room for 4 different sets.

Fitness Bullet Journal Spreads For Losing Weight

I hope you enjoyed these free printable exercise journals. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

Or if there is another design that works better. I always want to expand the post with better options. You probably use Google Sheets all the time at work, but have you tried using it at home? I love tracking my workouts! Planning my workouts, writing down what I do (weight, reps and rest) and tracking over time is essential to keep me consistent. Responsible and enthusiastic!

I currently use Brett Contreras’ Strong Curves program and I highly recommend it! It focuses on building a strong body with a focus on the glutes. It has a series of 12-week programs (beginner, intermediate, advanced) with 3 different exercises per week, divided into 4-week segments. Only after you have mastered the basics can you move on to more complex or challenging exercises. At first I couldn’t stand it, but now I understand and adapt to the need to go step by step. Strength is a process and requires developing a mind-body connection with your muscles and understanding how they work.

Weight Lifting Tracking Sheet

Click here for a free copy of this template! Click “File”, “Make a copy”. Don’t forget to save the copy and edit it (you can rename it). Otherwise, anyone who downloads the same template will be able to see your version as well.

Free Workout Logs

Download the Google Sheets app for iPhone or Android to get started. Initial setup and formatting is much easier on desktop, so when you hit the gym, switch to mobile from there! Tracking your workouts will help you achieve better results. These two journals are designed to accommodate the exercise program you have been following for some time. During each workout, you record your performance and use it to measure your progress. Seeing your previous performance in a workout will give you a goal to shoot for next time. For example, if you did 8 reps of 45 pounds the first week, use 8 reps of 50 pounds or 10 reps of 45 pounds the following week.

A workout journal template can also work as a planner. Pre-program your workouts, print the template and record your work. No forgetting and no grading!

First let’s get the obvious out of the way. I am not a personal trainer or doctor, nor do I provide fitness advice. This is a simple journal that you can use on your own. Always consult your doctor or personal trainer before starting a fitness program. Especially if it’s new.

I first created this template based on a program I found in Men’s Fitness in 2007. Examples of exercises are copying one of their programs. Weights are for illustrative purposes only.

Create A Fitness Tracker In Your Notebook

Before I get into the exercise journal template (how to use it and its benefits), I wanted to cover some basic terminology. These are just the basics to accompany the template.

Before starting a new program, it’s a good idea to define your goals. Not only will it help you choose the right software, but it will also keep you on track.

You may also want to think about measuring, measuring, and setting some baselines. Write down the things that are important to you in the notes section of your journal. Some examples might be: your 1-rep max in a certain lift, how fast you can run a mile, how many push-ups you can do, etc. Choose a few. Do them at the beginning and end of the program and measure your results.

Weight Lifting Tracking Sheet


Circuit Strength Training For Younger Athletes

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